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 The Creed

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PostSubject: The Creed   Fri Jan 11, 2008 1:40 am

Listed below is the Creed of the two factions within the Legion. There are some of the written codes that are shared by both factions, however there are also those that are independent of each other. The views expressed are those most in line with the faction heads, and the standards they expect to see with those that follow them.

Faction of Sigil

1. Be not afraid to experience all things; regardless of what they may be. Life holds many things, and true wisdom can only be gained by knowing them intimately.

2. Always preserve the freedom of others; Most of all those unable to do so themselves.

3. Respect one another, your enemy, and yourself.

4. Question orders when necessary.

5. Train in as many forms of combat as possible. Be that weapon, magic or otherwise.

6. Question The Creed; for it may be flawed in its ways.

7. Traverse all planes of existence in order to gain enlightenment.
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The Creed
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