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 To all Sigil Members

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Kear Dragonstar

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PostSubject: To all Sigil Members   Mon Jan 14, 2008 11:16 pm

My brothers and sisters, I welcome you to my sect. Long and hard will be our journeys, but we should not have them any other way. Here you shall read a manifesto of what it is we are and what we intend to do. We are more loose than our counterparts, however that does not mean we are without definition.

The Faction of Sigil belongs to those of the Solemn Legion with a desire to experience all of existence and preserve their individual freedoms as well as the freedoms of those around them. That being the case, I seldom issue orders and never "rule" per say. That being said, I find it necessary to outline just what I expect from those that follow me and mine...

I require a questioning nature of all those under my banner. To question the laws keeps us truly protected from our enemies; for then we understand exactly where the laws come from and their intentions. And yes, that does mean I expect you to question me and my orders. This is a sacred thing, freedom, and something I charge you all to protect with your lives. Without free thought or the ability to see the rule of law for what it is, we are little more than the common animal and pack mule. Nay, We are the vigilantes of the Legion; The heroes outside conventional rule.

It is this freedom that enables all of the Sigil Faction to traverse the planes of existence as if they were simple layers of the same castle...the freedom to transcend barriers. We are the wielders of the ether, the masters of time and space. We are Magi warriors with sword in one hand and a ball of fire in the other. That is not to say that there are some of the faction that are inept at the Arcane, However they will learn in time.

I expect all those under Sigil's banner to experiment with new things...even the darkness within their own hearts; Just remember these very simple mandates...

1. To enslave another goes against our creed and will result in others of the faction hunting you down in order to preserve the freedom of another.

2. Live in curiosity, for it grants you insight.

3. Do not fear death...for there is no greater freedom.

4. Respect the members of the material faciton...for they are our cousins in arms.

-Kear Dragonstar
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To all Sigil Members
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